Water Solutions

When you want healthier, tastier water, visit Agway Water Treatment in Western Pennsylvania, for water treatments such as softeners and reverse-osmosis systems. Does your water taste bad, smell, leave rusty stains or water spots and white film in your sink or tub. Agway Water Treatment can solve your problem. We offer sales, service, rentals, and installations for major brands


Water Softening Systems

Enjoy better tasting drinking water and cleaner showers with the help of our water softeners. Water softeners remove hardness and iron that makes water taste metallic and leaves deposits throughout the home or business. Rent-to-own and you will enjoy no interest for 12 months. When you rent from us, we handle all maintenance.

Iron Filtration & Iron Bacteria Removal

Sometimes, even when you have a water softener, you may notice hard water stains and the smell of iron. Iron bacteria/algae are a common problem in Western Pennsylvania and you may need an updated softener or an additional filter to the softener you currently have.

Reverse-Osmosis Systems

If you want the most purified water for drinking and cooking purposes, reverse-osmosis is the way to go. This 4-filter system removes 98% of all contaminants and minerals. Pre- and post-filters require yearly replacement, but the membrane filter will serve you for 3-5 years. This service is available for homes as well as businesses, such as car washes.
Agway Water Treatment