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George/Jeff Those guys are true professionals. They did excellent work. On time, friendly, and attention to detail. I wanted you to know how happy I am with the install. They have the details of the raw and post treatment iron and hardness. The gentleman that drove and had the paperwork (thinner with a trimmed goatee) notices that the arrows on the Kinetico softener for "In and out" were hooked up the opposite way. I would not have noticed that because I didn't look closely enough, plus I am not a professional. Jeff is going to check in when he gets back from vacation. I will write a positive review for Agway water treat of Grove City on Google and Facebook. I will also share out, with your permission that "they are familiar with nearly of not all water treatment systems, including Kinetico" and inform people that I had done a lot of research and believe that you are the only(?) local company that offers an efficient, effective, low maintenance ozone iron treatment system. (Please confirm that). Sometimes it take me a while. I will do my best to get it done in the next month or so. Thanks again for everything. You have been very patience and helpful. It took me 2 years to decide. Customer service/relations can make or break a deal for many interested potential clients. You, George, and the rest of the team at AGWAY treated me in a way much different than the 2 other companies that I consulted with.

- George Latkey

Wonderful staff very helpful and knowledgeable.

- Tristan Stewart

I had horrible well water and Agway made it perfect. I highly recommended them. They know what they're doing.

- Jennifer Russell

They saved me a lot of money, about $1000. They could have sold me a much more expensive system but they were honest and suggested what was best for me. I was also able to rent the system and pay monthly which was wonderful as well.

- Carole L.