Water Solutions

When you want healthier, tastier water, call Agway Water Treatment of Western Pennsylvania. We offer water treatment solutions, including softeners, iron breakers, UV lights, reverse-osmosis systems, and more. Does your water taste bad, smell, leave rusty stains or water spots and white film in your sink or tub? Agway Water Treatment can solve your problem. We sell, service, install, and rent major brands.

We offer both purchase and rental options, including a rent-to-own option. Each option has its own benefit, and we will help you find which is best for your needs. Purchasing your system outright, of course, removes the need for another monthly payment. On the other hand, with our rental option, we manage all maintenance. This way, you can avoid most repair costs. Our rent-to-own option allows you to make payments toward purchasing your system with no interest for 12 months. This option also allows you to “try before you buy”, so to speak. This enables you to be sure that you are satisfied with your system before you purchase it.

What Our Systems Can Do:


  • Bad Odor or Taste
  • Iron Algae
  • Sediments
  • Hard Water
  • Health Contaminants
  • Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Sulfates
  • Stop staining and odor
  • Eliminate water spots
  • Elements from water that dry out skin

Other Ways Our Systems Help:

  • Save major appliances
  • Save time, energy, and money!
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Water Conditioning Systems

Enjoy better tasting drinking water and cleaner showers with the help of our water softeners. Water softeners remove hardness and iron that makes water taste metallic and leaves deposits throughout your home or business.

Saltless Water Conditioners: Tired of lifting those heavy bags? We offer some of the best solutions for saltless water softeners, produced by Charger Water Treatment and Vesta Water Treatment.

Iron Filtration & Iron Bacteria Removal

Even with a water softener, you may notice hard water stains and the smell of iron. Iron bacteria/algae are a frequent problem in Western Pennsylvania, and you may need additional equipment to fully rectify the issue.

Bacteria Solutions

These systems utilize modern technology to eliminate bacteria from your water to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We offer both ultraviolet (UV) and chlorination systems.

AIO Systems

These modern, environmentally-friendly systems use ozone technology remove iron, manganese, and sulfur from your water. Our Vesta AIO with ozone generation is energy-efficient, and low-maintenance!

Drinking Water Systems

If you want the most purified water for drinking and cooking purposes, we offer some of the best options on the market!

Reverse Osmosis Systems: This system removes 98% of all contaminants and minerals. Pre- and post-filters require yearly replacement, but the membrane filter will serve you for 3-5 years. This system is available for homes as well as businesses, including car washes, restaurants, and coffeehouses.

Ultrafiltration System: This system removes chlorine, chlorine biproducts, and bacteria. A great option for drinking water, but not quite as thorough as a Reverse Osmosis System.

Freestanding Countertop Water Filters: Convenient and effective, these are great units for your home, office, or event settings!

Bottle-less Water Coolers: Tired of replacing bottles in the water cooler for your home or office? We offer bottle-less water coolers. Save your time and energy for other priorities.